about marguerite

From a young age I couldn't pass a flower shop and look at the window or browse inside. The smell of fresh flowers, the budding of a fresh plant leaf: it really makes me happy.

At 40 years old I decided to take a florist course: I learned all the tricks of the trade and made the craziest creations. But when I bought fresh flowers, I always had some plants to take home too, and it tasted like more.

In 2019, on a whim, I registered for a barista course in a hip coffee bar in Ghent. To me, coffee is synonymous with conviviality and a good conversation. And if possible, add something sweet.

I secretly dreamed of a plant shop where you can also drink a coffee. It seemed so fun to do and I hadn't seen that combination in my immediate environment.

The history of coffee, learning how to taste coffee and discover flavors: how fascinating was that. Never thought that after my 40th I would still be so enthusiastic about following a course and taking an exam. If something interests you, it all just gets a little easier. With the diploma in my pocket I could no longer doubt: that plant shop with coffee had to come… and look now!